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Karan II War World by SirRunOn Karan II War World :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 3 0 Watch Fortress Artarret by SirRunOn Watch Fortress Artarret :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 1 0 Amazing Ramilies by SirRunOn Amazing Ramilies :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 0 0 Planet Ristan by SirRunOn Planet Ristan :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 2 0 Ristan by SirRunOn Ristan :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 0 0 Ristan from Above by SirRunOn Ristan from Above :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 1 0 Galactic Custer Coreward Spinward by SirRunOn Galactic Custer Coreward Spinward :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 1 0 Galactic Custer Trailing by SirRunOn Galactic Custer Trailing :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 1 0 Abidel 3d Overview by SirRunOn Abidel 3d Overview :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 2 0 We Come Bearing the Reamings. by SirRunOn We Come Bearing the Reamings. :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 2 0 Taiidan on the Move II by SirRunOn Taiidan on the Move II :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 3 0 Blaze of Glory: Depth of Color by SirRunOn Blaze of Glory: Depth of Color :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 2 0 MAD: This is gonna HURT! by SirRunOn MAD: This is gonna HURT! :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 1 0 Coming to an End. by SirRunOn Coming to an End. :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 1 0 Bathed in the Light of a Hundred Suns by SirRunOn Bathed in the Light of a Hundred Suns :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 1 1 Think we're a bit late to the party? by SirRunOn Think we're a bit late to the party? :iconsirrunon:SirRunOn 4 0


Godzilla vs Nemesis - special print by KaijuSamurai Godzilla vs Nemesis - special print :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 779 92 Godzilla vs. Nemesis line art by KaijuSamurai Godzilla vs. Nemesis line art :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 413 42 Endurance by cosmicspark Endurance :iconcosmicspark:cosmicspark 1,223 96
He's Back (for Real this time)
The Old King is officially out of retirement in the minds of the Japanese as announced today, Toho is making preparations for a brand new, old fashioned Japanese-made, Godzilla Movie.
Finally after 10 years of waiting, all of our speculations prove to be correct, in one final release of anticipation. The Godzilla that we all know and love is finally returning to his home at Toho Studios and in our Hearts. The film is slated to be released in 2016 - so hopefully it will take the sting out of the long wait for Godzilla 2.
It translates out to;
Big Surprise conclude the 60th anniversary of Godzilla Year! Completely new "Godzilla" Production decision! ! Completely new "Godzilla" is starting finally by Toho production. 10 years this year since the struck end to Godzilla series in 2004. In response to hot revival long-awaited voice of Godzilla fan, finally making decisions! Published in 2016. Is born entirely new Godzilla! !
This is very exciting news for us her
:iconthenewgodzilla:TheNewGodzilla 9 21
Godzilla anniversary commission by blackmyst Godzilla anniversary commission :iconblackmyst:blackmyst 455 25
GODZILLA (2014) review - The Showa Must Go On
GODZILLA (2014) has hit theaters, and for months (years for most Godzilla fans), potential audiences have been anticipating a return to form for the Lizard King - a film that will revisit the themes of the 1954 original and deliver a brooding, apocalyptic story of destruction and doom.
Instead, what we got could best be described as a sequel to THE TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA (1975).
Trust me, I wouldn't begin a review with a hyperbolic, attention-grabbing statement like that without explaining it. For the moment, let us turn back the clock and toss out a quick recap of the film's plot. Obviously, this review will contain a metric crapload of SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS, but you'll complain anyway, so let's get on with this.
After a mysterious event in 1954 regarding the Castle Bravo nuclear test and an unknown giant organism, the story jumps to 1999, where two scientists, Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Dr. Graham (Sally Hawkins) are investigating a massive underground tomb in the
:iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 87 175
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Karan II War World

Karan: 2 planets, one habitable, Dead, Civ

Ristani Conglomeration(Under Imperial Interdiction)

Description: Originally a nice, if far flung, system on the outskirts of the Ristan sub-sector specializing in fine wines and luxury goods Karan has been the site of the most fierce fights yet seen in Abidel Sector.  From the original clash between the forces of Chaos and the Free Collonial Armada almost twenty years ago to the current ten year stalemate between the Imperium and those same Free Collonials Karan has been a system beset by major clashes.  The lone civilized planet in the small system is currently all but wrecked by a decade of hard fighting, it's soil washed by the blood of millions of Imperial Guardsmen.

Economics: Guns, anybody got GUNS? Weaponry plays well here if you can get it through the consistent if low key space battle over the second planet.  Troop transport runs to bring more imperial reinforcements to the planet are always offered at high rates for the brave.

Warp Stasis: Death Effect
Ill Omened: There's a WAR Going On!

8: Dull

Inner 5

Planet: Small Burning, Normal Gravity, Heavy Deadly Atmosphere

Karan I
Distance: 214,180,836 km
Radius: 2737 km
Gravity: 1.03G
Orbit Period: 273.54 days
Rotation: 43 hrs
Mean Temp: 1129K/856C
Atmosphere: 3.63 atm (N2 44%,CO2 18%,O2 17%,H2O 8%)

Radiation Bursts

Solar Flares x2

Dust Cloud

Primary 5

Starship Graveyard Skirmish

Derelict STC Defence Station

Planet: Large/Dense Temperate, Normal Gravity, Lesser Moon, Moderate Pure Atmosphere, Verdant Eco
Ristani-Imperial/Free Colonial War World
Name: Karan
Tithe Grade: Decuma Secundus
Population: 760,000,000 standard, current heavily reduced(approx. 181,000,000)

Distance: 2,276,257,654 km
Radius: 4564 km
Gravity: 1.07G
Orbit Period: 25.97 years
Rotation: 42 hrs
Mean Temp: 301K/28C
Atmosphere: 0.97 atm (N2 61%,O2 19.8%,Xe 2%,Kr 2%, CO2 0.1%)
Water / Ice Index: 39.36
Population: 181,000,000
Political: Imperial
Moons: Vagimoid

    Distance: 329,834 km
    Radius: 1397 km
    Gravity: 0.18G
    Orbit Period: 29.85 days
    Rotation: 716 hrs
    Mean Temp: 329K/56C
    Atmosphere: 0.19 atm (CO2 80.35%, N2 13.35%, Ar 3.74%)
    Water / Ice Index: 2

Starship Graveyard Skirmish

Asteroid Cluster

Outer 6

Dust Cloud

Starship Graveyard Fleet Engagement

Asteroid Cluster

Asteroid Belt

Derelict STC Monitor Station

Dust Cloud

*Information produced with both Rogue Trader generation tools by FFG and Astrosynthesis.

Amazing Ramilies
Holy @#$%...

I was messing around with improving the render of craigr29's Ramilies model and THIS came up after some tinkering and a long azz render. I just took the screenshot then and there. I have no clue what I did but wow... Eeeep...

The Ramilies Star Fort is from Game's Workshop's Battlefleet Gothic. The model is from craigr29. Coloring by me. All done in blender.
Planet Ristan
Heavily Terraformed planet Ristan. Capital of Ristan Subsector. Original capital of Ristan Sector.

Created in AstroSynthesis 3.
Ristan and its trio of equidistant moons. Looks perfectly natural.

Image created in AstroSynthesis 3.
Ya know what?

I write a lot, an awful lot, but one thing I don't write is Journals. See this English teacher wanted me to write a journal and assigned the big bad thing to me. Guess what, didn't do it. Not one word. I don't take well to being ordered to do something I like to do.

The habit holds. No journals... no time... not ever...

So this is it for a journal. Das ist kaput, fini, over like Firefly... etc etc

thanx a lot,



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Ti-Senpai Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks super much for the watch, delightful creature!!
Taltharius Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015

You're the one who made the "SirRunOn Patchmod" for Cataclysm, right?
SirRunOn Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
Man... that was so long ago I hardly remember it.  I just tossed a few things together as far as I remember. I was working on getting homeworld ships into Cataclysm, that I remember. Also pulling up some of the unused models in the game itself.
Taltharius Featured By Owner Edited Sep 10, 2015
Well, the Somtaaw Dreadnought had a persistent problem regarding the placement of its Ion Cannons.

The one on the underside sits at the rear, which severely limits its forward firing arc. And the Repulsor upgrade adds a "dome" to the top and underside, and the underside dome blocks the Ion Cannon.

I guess I wanted to ask if it's possible to place the top and bottom Ion Cannons somewhere in front of the two Repulsor dome upgrade spots.
SirRunOn Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
Hard to tell on that one.  There isn't a lot of room in front of the dome.  You don't have to move the top turret but the bottom... Maybe if it was on a slightly taller outcropping it could fire over? You'd have to know how to redo the mesh, then alter the skin. Shouldn't be impossible to stretch but I know myself the Cata needs it's skin done just right or it won't hold player colors.

The white motherships weren't like that because I wanted them to be that color.
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I can't help it! Your Godzilla comics are soooooo cyooooot!

Big-G, Little-G, Unka Angi and rock throwing Mothra ftw!
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